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AA Best Choice Heating & Cooling, LLC

We Service All Brands of:

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Customer Testimonials

Johnston Morris

AA Best Choice Heating & Cooling, LLC installed a modern furnace in my premises in April. I loved the manner in which their personnel worked. They are very diligent and transparent. Thank you for making my home more comfortable.


Angela Dicks

AA Best Choice Heating & Cooling, LLC helped to repair my two years old furnace in less than one day. That month, I managed to reduce my energy bill by 30%. Clearly, they are the best Furnace service providers in the world.


Get in touch with us for more details on how we can enhance functionalism of your furnace. 

Providing you with the service you can depend on to make sure that you're warm throughout our very long Wisconsin winters.


Furnace Service

For over 25 years now, AA Best Choice Heating & Cooling, LLC has been providing quality furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services to thousands of homeowners and businesses. Our main goal is to ensure that you derive maximum utility from your furnace and save money on repairs and maintenances. We have the skills and ability to set up a modern system that is more reliable and efficient than the traditional models in the market.


To ensure that we meet all your needs amicably, we have put in place a team of professionals who are always available to respond to your questions before, during, and even after service delivery. By choosing us, you are guaranteed of transparent, unbiased and affordable service at all times.


Let us look at some tips on how to maintain your furnace like a professional.

You're going to be amazed what a new, highly efficient furnace is going to do for your energy bills each month - get ready to save.

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GMS8 Multi-speed gas  furnace

GME8 Two Stage gas valve

GMVC8 Variable speed gas furnace

GMVC95 Variable speed Gas furnace

GMVM96 High Efficiency , variable speed modulating gas furnace

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Check Filters

Their main role is to trap debris and other small particles that can compromise indoor air quality. Ideally, they should be inspected once or twice per month. Over time, debris accumulates on them leading to slow movement of air in and out of your house. This can in turn lower functionality of the furnace. To avoid such issues, it is recommendable to replace them regularly.

Check Air Supply Vents

You might accidently block air supply vents when remodeling or rearranging your house. This can accidentally hamper the flow of hot air into your house. Based on these facts, it is recommendable to ensure that the vents have free access to facilitate even distribution of hot air. In addition, it is prudent to ensure that your curtains do not cover any vents as this might force the system to work harder to supply ample heat to all rooms.

PVC vent piping and chimney concerns

Blockages caused by snow, leaves etc. are common with PVC venting and can prevent your furnace from operating. Conventional chimneys should have a chimney cap installed. Those without can cause troubles with squirrels nesting and birds falling into and then entering the furnace. Both of these can stop or cause significant damage to your heating equipment.

Annual Tune ups

This applies to all furnaces gas and oil. Many causes of furnace service calls can be prevented by this practice. By being proactive you can prevent many of these breakdowns that more times than not interfere with your day when you have no expectation of trouble.


Apart from offering furnace services, we offer a wide array of HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services in and around this region.

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